One-on-one sessions will be focused on each client's personal goals and objectives utilitizing a complement of specialized equipment:  Pulley Tower, GYROTONER®, Jump Stretch Board, Leg Extension Unit and other props.  Clients will benefit from improving core strength, flexibility and balance through the spiraling, circular movements.

Sessions are usually 60 minutes long.  For best results, two or more sessions per week is recommended.


Clients who have established themselves in the basic foundation of the Gyrotonic method can schedule sessions with others to share a private session.  If you are new to the Gyrotonic method and would like to participate in classes, please contact us regarding upcoming Introductory Classes.





Gyrokinesis exercises are performed with mats and chairs and include the smooth flow of the principles of Gyrotonic Expansision System.  Classes are approximately 60 minutes long and practitioners will experience greater strength, flexibility, balance and the free flow of the body's natural movements.