"I discovered Gyrotonic two years ago and have not stopped going since.  My story, in a nutshell, is that I have never been an athletic person, and was always adverse to exercising in general.  I've never been too overweight, but at the age 48 I came to a point where all my joints felt rusty, my back was stiff and painful, and my shoulder was almost frozen.  A friend had told me how Gyrotonic had really helped her with her shoulder issue, so I searched the web and discovered a Gyrotonic studio near our home.  I met Victoria at her beautiful studio in Solana Beach and she thoroughly introduced me to Gyrotonic, showed me the moves and explained what it's all about.  I started going the following week, and have not stopped since!  Victoria is extremely professional and knowledgeable, but most importantly, she is a wonderful human being and makes the sessions so enjoyable.  The progress made since I started going to Gyrotonic is amazing.  My back pain is gone, I can move my shoulder again, and I feel a lot stronger and agile.  My infinite gratitude to Victoria for having unveiled the benefits of this discipline!"  Francesca Campi


"Training with Victoria on the Gyrotonic Expansion System it has changed my life dramatically.  I have tried to live with chronic pain for the last 20 years trying just about everything.  My thorasic area of my back was locked up for over 10 years and within 2 weeks it was moving freely.  I have less pain.  I have developed core strength and greater flexibility and Gyrotonic is the answer I have been looking for my whole life.  Oh and Victoria is a fabulous instructor and an incredible person!"  Loretta Morris

"I began working with Victoria when I was 13 years old, and I look up to her until this day; Victoria was deeply invested in my  career as an internationally competitive figure skater, and her expertise in Gyrotonic and athletic instruction, amplified by her vast knowledge in biomechanical and psychological processes, makes her a rare gem in the training world, as rare and unique as the Gyrotonic method itself. She is my life-long mentor, and we have built a tremendous friendship as she continues to impress me with her incredible dedication to her students. Gyrotonic improved my strength, agility, and grace on the ice; Victoria taught me the inner strength and grace required for competitive greatness on AND off the ice." --Kelsea Suarez

"I first started working with Victoria when I injured my hip early in 2012. My options that had been laid out by every medical professional I’d seen involved either months of rest or surgery, and as a competitive figure skater I couldn’t really afford either. I was referred to Victoria and the Gyrotonic method by one of my body workers as an alternative that was less drastic than the other means of healing my hip, and from the first appointment she was a positive, engaging, and wonderful person to work with. Her knowledge of the human body and her intuition with healthy ranges of motion is apparent in every session, and her healing ability is only matched by her radiant personality. After a few weeks I felt improvement in my hip that 3 orthopedic specialists, 2 physical therapy clinics and 3 massage therapists couldn’t get from countless appointments and months of work. I have since become an instructor with her as my mentor, and every day I try and emulate her teaching style and knowledge base. Victoria is an incredible teacher, and if you have the opportunity to work with her I sincerely urge you to do so."    Joe Johnson, Team USA Ice Dancer/Gyrotonic Instructor

My utmost gratitude to Victoria for her encouragement and persistence in teaching me Gyrotonic!  I highly recommend this technique to everyone my age (I’m a grandmother). I feel so much better since I’ve started going; I am more nimble in my daily movements and feel stronger and more secure. My neck and shoulders are so much more mobile.  Most of my aches and pains are silent and the general rigidity in my limbs and back feels so much better. Victoria is special — extremely professional and conscientious, and a wonderful, caring young lady!  -Claudia Magnanelli

I have to credit my wife for pushing me to start gyrotonics, but mostly I must thank Victoria, for her patience, attention to every movement, and  professionally pleasant skills in training me.  My goal was to try to get the stiffness out of my joints and at least reduce the pain in my back and shoulders, mainly due to decades of poor posture  in front of a computer.  If you’re reading this and are still hesitant to try it out, let me tell you— do so. I am skeptical of many health and wellness promises, but gyrotonic and Victoria’s expertise have worked for me. I’m also a lot stronger and more flexible, and can go about my hobbies without injuries. I have learned to how to use my different muscle groups to pick up heavy things the right way. Victoria makes each session count.

Mehran Campi